City of Milford Police Department

Emergency: 302.422.8081 or 911

About The New Police Headquarters

The present police facility was built in 1979 when there were 18 officers, and the population of Milford was about 5,400 and does not meet today’s accreditation standards. Today, 37 officers serve Milford’s population of about 12,000.  A new station is pertinent to the continued success of the City of Milford.
GOAL 1: Provide a safer environment for police and the public
The police station now lacks adequate space to provide separate holding areas, as required by law, for male, female and juvenile detainees.
The station doesn’t have enough space for interviewing witnesses and suspects and to keep parties in disputes apart.
Police officers entering and leaving the station and suspects under arrest now are exposed to the public, creating potentially dangerous situations.
GOAL 2: Create a hub for community policing and engagement
The City of Milford is committed to enhancing its community policing and engagement with the public. The new building will have space for safety training, youth mentoring, problem-solving sessions, and other opportunities for interaction that proactively address public safety issues.
Neighborhood associations, Scout groups, and civic organizations will be invited to use the new, larger facility for meetings.
The new police station will be located at the gateway to downtown, connecting public safety services with the business community and serving as the anchor for the northeast corner of downtown.
GOAL 3: Reach national standards and prepare for the future
The deficiencies within the current police station make it impossible for the department to qualify for accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.
The city has experienced rapid growth in the past decade, and already-approved residential developments and proposed projects mean this growth will continue.
A new police station with modern facilities will ensure continued community protection as the city’s population grows.
The Mission of your police department is:
To provide fair, compassionate, and impartial police services to the citizens and visitors of the City of Milford, Delaware, recognizing both the statutory and judicial limitations of police authority and the constitutionally guaranteed rights of all people.

Construction Estimates