City of Milford Police Department

Emergency: 302.422.8081 or 911

Evidence Tech

Terminal Agency Coordinator (T.A.C.) Larry Simpkiss is a civilian employee with over 21 years in Delaware Law Enforcement.  T.A.C. Simpkiss is Milford Police Department’s Evidence Technician and Crime Scene Investigator.  He is Certified as a Crime Scene Analyst by the International Association for Identification and is a graduate of the National Forensic Academy in Knoxville, Tennessee. He responds to major crime scenes (i.e., robberies, major burglaries, and homicides) and assists Detectives with processing the crime scene for evidence.  Examples of methods for processing crime scenes are but are not limited to; taking crime scene photographs, dusting areas/objects for latent fingerprint evidence, using cyanoacrylate and dye stains for latent print development, comparison and processing the area and/or objects for DNA and blood evidence and collecting other physical evidence from the scene. 
T.A.C. Simpkiss is also responsible for the custody and security of all evidence recovered and submitted to the Milford Police Department. T.A.C. Simpkiss is also responsible for validating all active warrants and completes a monthly validation on past warrants submitted by Milford Police Department Officers.