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Feb 22, 2024

Setting the Record Straight Regarding Milford Police Department’s involvement in City Eminent Domain Case

It has come to our attention that a resident has stated that Chief Cecilia Ashe had directly served them with court paperwork regarding an active City of Milford legal matter.  We can confirm that the Chief is not involved in this legal matter nor did she serve any court paperwork to any resident either inside or outside of Milford City Limits.  Court document service is a civil process and therefore not a police matter.  We have confirmed with the Sussex County Sheriff’s Office that one of their female deputies did serve the court documents to this resident (Attached). 

Any further questions in reference to City’s legal matter can be addressed to the City’s Solicitor David Rutt (302-856-9568) and questions regarding the document service can be directed to the Sussex County Sheriff’s Office (302-855-7830).  As always, any police related action or questions can be directed to our Office of Public Information.

Released by Public Information Officer, Sgt. Timothy Maloney
Released: 02/07/2024