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Apr 29, 2022

City of Milford Awards Police Station Construction Bids

In a special Council Meeting on Wednesday, April 20, Milford City Council approved $13,001,562 in construction bids for the new Milford Police Headquarters. Additional design fees and contingencies bring the construction grand total to $16.2 million with $805,594 being cash-financed from an established police building fund. The city expects to borrow $15.4 million, coming in below the $20 million cap placed on the project by voters in January 2021. 
“I want to acknowledge the mayor, because when he saw the costs start to escalate, and he knew the citizens put their trust in us to stay at a certain range,” Vice-Mayor Jason James said during the Special Meeting. “We gave them our word. They voted on a referendum based on what we told them we could possibly do, and he was determined that we stay within those boundaries, so we did not deceive the taxpayer.”
For a Milford home with the average assessment of $150,000, property taxes will increase $103 annually beginning with the 2023 assessment.
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Released by Public Information Officer, Sgt. Robert Masten
Prepared by Sara Bluhm, City of Milford Economic Development & Community Engagement Administrator
Released: 04/29/2022